Yotta Global Address Verification :

Yotta Address service is powered by Trillium Software. Trillium is a global leader in robust data and address quality.
With Yotta Adddress you get Enterprise quality, Scalable service that can handle any kind of data loads. This allows us to validate from 1 address to 1 million addresses without ever hitting any performance snag

Yotta Address service can plug into any of these applications:

ECommerce applications - In the world of Internet where business transactions happen in a flash of a second, your customer address data is made bullet proof by using our Address validation service.
We know every customer record for you is a step towards taking your business to a next level and we can support your process with the Yotta Address plugin.

Mobile Apps - Yotta Address can very easily integrate into any application that is mobile enabled. Our professional services team can facilitate integration to ensure that the Address data you receive from these mobile apps is Error free.

Batch Cleansing - Yotta Address service has the unique ability to verify and fix errors in existing Address data of your organization. The setup is straight forward for most applications and our service identifies and fixes address issues resulting in better corporate data quality.

SAP Applications - Yotta Address seamlessly integrates with SAP. No hardware required, no elaborate software licenses. Simply install the connector and run. Both real-time and periodic cleansing is supported.

CRM Applications - We know that customer service is highest priority in your organization. So we want to ensure that your customer data is of best quality. Yotta Address service easily integrates into modern CRM applications to ensure that Address data entry is error free. Via a D&B partnership, company names can also be standardized. This standardization improves mailing and helps to prevent the entry of duplicate customer records into your system.

Data Analytic applications - Yotta Addressing web service has the ability to plug-in to any of your Data analytic applications, as simple as Excel to any advanced & intelligent applications such as reporting, dash-boarding and web analytics. The Yotta Professional Services team will help to build any connectors if required.


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