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Yotta Services fall into three categories and align with our mission of developing new products, integration of existing SAP systems and providing quality service to our clients by providing them with consultants and knowledge support in running their businesses with ease.

Yotta Consulting Services
Yotta GDC-Global Delivery Center
Yotta products


Yotta Consulting Services
Business Applications and Technology Converge.

Yotta helps businesses design, build, and implement enhancements and custom development projects.  Yotta SAP professional services organization is known for its ability to drive value from the SAP Netweaver stack.  Yotta consultants are trained our internal systems and in the classroom before they arrive at your site.   

Yotta believes in knowledge transfer to our customers to reduce their dependency on external consulting services. Yotta services also includes full documentation and training to our customers.

Yotta offers consulting services in the Portal, MDM, BI and PI (XI), ERP, SRM and CRM.  Yotta also provides consulting in the areas of Web Services and related Services Oriented Architecture.  Yotta has experience in configuring ‘global monitoring’ across the entire application structure from Portal, BI, PI, SRM, ERP and CRM.

Specifically, Yotta offers the following consulting services:

Portal Services

  • Content management,
  • Create custom content,
  • Work set creation and user administration, and
  • Portal system configuration including SLD setup, linking to 3rd party and SAP applications.

MDM Services

  • SRM catalogue content population via XI
  • Enhanced catalogue content via XI

BI Services

  • Administration including:
    • Extract, transfer and load configuration
    • BI process chain modeling
    • Process chain modeling
  • BI Integrated Planning including:
    • Development of data model and planning views
    • J2EE troubleshooting and performance tuning
  • Data Modeling
  • Open Hub setup and configuration

PI Services

  • Build interfaces from any system to any system,
  • BPM expertise,
  • Build secure external facing interfaces,
  • Prototyping

In addition to developing within the layers of the Netweaver stack, Yotta also offers services in some of the more traditional SAP application areas including:

  • SRM, ERP, CRM enhancements using the new enhancement framework and switching,
  • Business partner enhancement using the Business Data Toolkit (BDT),
  • Workflow
  • PDF forms development, and finally,
  • Data conversion projects using the LSMW, ISMW and related data conversion tools

Yotta provides world class placement service in identifying the requirements of our clients and placing the right talent for accomplishing respective tasks and gives cheaper, faster and better solutions than from then any of its competitors.
Yotta Solutions also provides continuous support for application sustainment to our clients which involve the following services:

  • Monitoring
  • Enhancements (Interfaces, reports, templates)
  • Helpdesk Support (Remote/Onsite)
  • Upgrades

Yotta GDC - Global Delivery Center
Yotta GDC provides off shore development services. The vast experience and knowledge that Yotta GDC have gained over the years is being put to effective use to our clients through our one of the kind global delivery centers in the world.  The Yotta solutions delivery model involves having an ‘Integration Coordinator’ to coordinate between the client and the global delivery center.  Yotta Solutions has provided implementation services that include:

  • End-to-end implementation
  • Development Management
  • Technical Consulting
  • Development of Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflows
  • Data Migration Services

Yotta products
Yotta product development team is constantly identifying the gaps in the SAP technologies and filling the technology space by innovating cutting edge products and partnering with SAP and other partners in providing the products that make a difference in the business of the customers. The product suit ranges from providing value to mid size organizations to huge installations and finally helping them reduce the cost of ownership. Yotta product development team is constantly engaging market professionals to creatively identify areas of value to the customers. We also develop Custom software applications to realize a business objective.

Yotta products create a market demand that allows the customers to embrace the change with ease. The product development team also engages SAP and emerging technologies from SAP in creating robust and scalable applications. The technical support teams are working round the clock in providing quality technical support to nurture these applications and make them part of the organizations.

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