Since being established in early 2007 in Vancouver, Canada, Yotta Solutions has been focused on building on-demand applications.  On-demand software is a subscription based model allowing organizations the ability to subscribe to desired software programs for a low monthly fee.  The only requirement to run the software is a PC and an internet connection. Costs for an on-demand solution  include subscription, setup/customizations and training, all of which can be easily identified up front. Traditional on premise software has many other associated costs that are not usually known up front, creating excessive hidden costs throughout the lifetime of the system.

Peter Forster
John Yajjala
Dr.Suman Kollipara
Steve Slusarenko
Moses Yajjala – Director, India Operations
Peter Forster
Mr. Forster will be responsible for corporate strategies and operational policies.

Peter has a 12-year record of management and leadership in the development and implementation of business applications. During the past 8 years, he has worked as a senior technology consultant for SAP Canada Inc. While at SAP, he was tasked with implementing and developing quality cost-effective solutions.

His leadership skills, customer-focus, and business background help to ensure that he met his commitment to reduce the costs associated with SAP application ownership for his clients. Peter holds
an honors degree in Science from the University of British Columbia, Canada and a Master’s of Business
Administration from the University of Western Washington, Washington State, USA. Yotta Solutions welcomes Peter and wishes him success in his leadership role.
John Yajjala
Mr. Yajjala serves as Chief Technical Officer and Member of Yotta Solution’s Board of Directors. Prior to Yotta solutions he was Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Micro Revelation. A pioneer of the Indian IT industry, Mr. Yajjala founded Micro Revelation in 2003 in California. Mr. Yajjala led the seamless integration across businesses and cultures, resulting in Micro Revelations success as one of the fastest-growing IT-based ERP Services companies.

Mr. Yajjala studied at The Andhra University, Vishakapatnam, and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He graduated from Andhra University with B.Tech. (Hons.) In Electronics & Electrical Engineering and received the University first rank (Gold Medal).

Mr. Yajjala is a certified JMS, EJB, Servlet, J2EE and Web Logic server, Web logic Integrator, Weblogic Personal and Commerce server, Ariba certified professional as B2B and Supply-Chain Architect.

Mr. Yajjala has 12 years experience in analysis, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of software and data warehouse development projects with fortune 100 companies. He has gathered customer requirements, performed systems and data quality analysis, composed technical and functional business rules, conducted gap analysis, and performed unit testing at various ERP companies. He has implemented complete project life cycles of BI 7.0 and SAP R / 3 2005. These life cycles include data modeling, data extraction, generic extraction, data loading (full / delta upload), scheduling, monitoring, info-cubes, info-source, multi-cubes, and remote cubes. Yotta Solutions welcomes John and wishes him success in his leadership role.
Dr.Suman Kollipara
Dr. Suman is the Managing Partner at Yotta. He is a result oriented executive with Visionary thinking, Dynamic & subtle execution style, centred in Ethical & Moral values, Team Collaboration & Mentoring, bridging Technology and Market demands for Customer centric solutions with 17 years of experience in Global Software Product development, Management and strategic leadership. His current responsibilities at Yotta include Product Management & Strategy, Market Positioning, Growth Initiatives, Bridging the Customer needs and Product development.

He comes with a passion of providing expertise in entire software life cycle and believes in delivering User-Centric applications with an extensive start-up experience at Active Voice, Seattle later acquired by Cisco Systems Inc. He spent 7 years working both in Engineering and Customer Focus teams designing, developing and delivering products with continuous enhancement and quality, based on customer needs. He had also received many awards at Cisco Systems for outstanding service & support engaging High-profile Product Installation sites all over North America.

Dr. Suman brings with him the Global Software Development experience working at Cisco Systems Inc Seattle and Bangalore, India which is critical to position Yotta as a Global Market Player in North America, Europe and Asia Pac.

He also brings with him extensive knowledge and experience in implementation of SAP Business Intelligence solutions (BW and BOBJ). He worked with the executive teams in Public sector in Canada, providing professional services to realize strategy and goals of these organizations.

He has a M.S in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University, Atlanta and a Bachelors degree in Veterinary Medicine from India. He is also an accomplished Artist, Film maker, Philanthropist, Humanitarian with an extensive background in the creative arts and had performed on Theater and in Hollywood Independent films. He also serves as the President of a Non-Profit Organization called Peace Tree ( and also works closely with SOCARE Ind (, and believes strongly in a world of peace without borders.
Steve Slusarenko
Mr. Slusarenko is the Chief Business Development Officer at Yotta.  Steve is a 54 year old Engineer, Project Manager, Management Consultant and Business Owner.  Steve has almost 30 years of business experience and is a successful entrepreneur. 

Steve has fifteen years of SAP experience as a Senior Consultant and his client list includes three of the ten largest companies in the world and eight of the largest 100.  He and will oversee and coordinate the firm’s business development efforts.  Steve will provide the primary point of contact for Yotta’s potential and existing customers.
Moses Yajjala – Director, India Operations
Bringing more than 10 years of research, development and management experience in informational technology. Mr. Moses Yajjala holds a position of Director of Indian Operations Yotta Solutions Inc.

Prior to Yotta Solutions Moses worked in Andhra School District as a project manager where he managed projects for such as community services.

Moses graduated from Andhra Univeristy in Education and was given a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Biological Science from Andhra University.


*Drive and lead day to day SAP-based administration.
* Communicate effectively with functional teams and users through various channels to ensure speedy and timely problem resolution.
* Maintain regular contact with Central SAP Helpdesk in India.
* Work closely with develpment teams to support them in New Product Implementation.
* Drive and support transfer processes in relation to SAP application.
* Release strategies maintenance.
* User community support.
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