YOTTA - Vidyalayam
Yotta Vidhyalayam is a comprehensive software solution for managing day to day school operations easily. - read more




YOTTA - Yotta Global Address Verification
Yotta Address – Yotta Global Address Verification is a “Real time & On-demand” solution for Preventing, Identifying and fixing the errors
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why choose us
Improved functionality leveraging the technology on which applications are  -read more


Welcome to our company
Our mission is to build products, deliver solutions based on current SAP technologies at a lower cost
Since being established in early 2007 in Vancouver, Canada, Yotta Solutions has been focused on building on-demand applications.
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Client List
  Major Electronics retailer California, USA.
This is one of the major compamies
  B2B Portal Provider California, USA.This is the major role playing among

Cement Company
Montreal, Quebec
This is one of the greatest
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Customer Service
Quality Assurance, On-Going Maintenance,Low Rates...

Yotta Solutions provides an atmosphere which involves clients as working partners. Yotta consultants meet every evening in small
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